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Alongside the private practice work I undertake, I am available to consult on mental health issues regarding young people. There are many times where I have spoken with teachers and Head teachers where they have expressed concern with regards to a young person and I have listened and been able to offer short, medium, or long term strategies which can improve the young person’s wellbeing without having to undertake one to one therapy. Whether it be in a school setting, in the classroom or general around school observations, or hearing and reading cases and meeting with young people and parents, sometimes a third person’s perspective can spot the sticking point in an issue. This perspective can also be shared in a number of settings; over the last 10 years I have attended  annual reviews, case conferences, core group meetings, Child in Need (CIN), Child with Additional Needs (CWANS) and Team Around the Family (TAF) meetings where I can share my thoughts on what I feel the young person and family may benefit from in relation to mental health support as well as help construct appropriate plans and goals.
If I am working with a young person one to one I can also attend (with the young person’s permission) any meeting that is relevant to provide updates and feedback in keeping with client confidentiality.