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Best Start Therapy suggests and expresses my core belief that all children should have the best start in life when it comes to their mental health. “Grow from within” reinforces my philosophy that as a psychotherapeutic counsellor I acknowledge that change comes from within and as a therapist I am there to facilitate that growth.

I consider myself to be an integrative psychotherapeutic counsellor drawing on a range of theories to support me in my client work and, with the use of creative media, be able to adapt to my clients’ needs and utilise a range of methods to help encourage them to communicate their needs effectively. I established Best Start Therapy in order to offer children and young people a psychotherapeutic counselling service, whether that be privately, part of a contract or through a school or a local authority service. The service I provide to both the individual Child / Young person and the service I provide to schools, can be tailored to meet their requirements.   For more info, please check out the services page or contact us.