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About Me

Well what can I say about me? Most recently I was referred to as a unicorn, I could take this reference in two ways; either I’m not real, a fantasy or that I am unique, one of a kind and stand out from the rest.

I would like to think I am the latter of the two, in the world of child psychotherapeutic counselling I most certainly am a unicorn for the reason being that I am one of very few Male Child registered Psychotherapeutic Counsellors based on a search on the UKCP website and the BACP website. I reference both these organisations as these are viewed as the two main accredited bodies for mental health in the UK and have strict educational, training, personal therapy, and supervision requirements that have to be met before we can become accredited.
All my accreditation information with the UKCP can be found on my website.
I reference my gender because I am acutely aware that whilst mental health and its importance is growing in significance and becoming a louder voice in society across all genders, there is still vast work to be done and even more so in encouraging boys, young men, and grown men to talk openly about their experiences and feelings. I feel that having a male psychotherapeutic counsellor fulfilling this role will be good modelling for this process.
Alongside my paid work I  continually undertook voluntary work as a classroom support assistant whilst at college and whilst being a founder member of the Youth Anti Bullying Council (YABC) I set up a therapeutic anti- bullying art group that was open to all children in the Scunthorpe area. I left Scunthorpe in 2006 to complete my BSc degree at Leeds Beckett University. Upon completion of this in 2009 I returned to Scunthorpe to live and work in a mainstream secondary and a private SEN school where I really got to grips with the educational and SEN process that children and families experience. In 2012 I joined the Scunthorpe Lions, which is a voluntary group that supports children and families across the area, to continue my voluntary work.
From 2009 I embarked on my professional qualifications in Child Psychotherapeutic Counselling,
I eventually moved to Newcastle to complete my training, during which time I established Best Start Therapy and became self employed and worked in a federation of SEN schools in Gateshead offering what I have outlined throughout my website.

Having had the opportunity to live in New York in 2016 it was an incredible and amazing opportunity to experience another country and culture for a prolonged period of time. As well as living in NYC I also lived in Durban, South Africa for a month volunteering to work in an orphanage, the impact his had on me as a person and as a professional has been profound and long lasting.
As you can see from above I love to travel. Away from the world of mental health I enjoy exploring new places, the more diverse the better. My dream is to circle the globe taking in as many countries as I can. I have a love for Formula 1 motor sport and this has helped with the travel, taking me to see races in Hungary, and Singapore.
When I’m not travelling I enjoy thrill and adventure activities though these seem to be compatible with travelling also. The most exhilarating experience to date is taking part in a 14000ft sky dive in Australia, more recently I zip lined across a quarry which was the fastest and longest zip wire in Europe.
Finally when I am at home I enjoy cooking, experiencing good food, concerts and reading a good book.

A little bit about Best Start Therapy.
Best Start Therapy was established in 2013 by myself Phillip Beisty. My core belief is that all children and young people should have the best start in life in relation to their mental health in order for them to be able to reach their full potential in adult life. It is with this belief I established Best Start Therapy with the aim to ‘Grow from within’.